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PRAGMATICS: "Usage Of Dialect in Cultural Contexts" Pragmatics refers to the sociolinguistic technique that centers on using vocabulary in connection which can be stated physically or verbally (Mercer & Pullen, 2005). It’s the research of how speakers coordinate the things they wish to claim prior to who they’re speaking with, where, when and under what circumstances (Yule,1996). (más…)

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USER-EXPERIENCE DESIGN BASICS BOOTCAMP November 12 @ 10: 00 am – 4:00 pm About This Workshop This bootcamp demystifies UX by providing a basic and practical introduction to what UX is, explains its key concepts, and describes approaches and procedures that could favorably influence all areas of the company. Into a water of tips and new concepts that may show your viewpoint on user-experience, you will dip your feet as an interactive class. (más…)

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